Nov 9

A Quick Guide to the HCG Diet Protocol

There is one thing you should remember before starting the HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, diet. Always consult your doctor or nutritionist first. Your body will be undergoing a significant change from its regular routine. So you want to make sure that you are healthy enough to do that before even trying the HCG diet. To get the best results from the diet it is imperative that you follow the right protocol. Like the one found at Here is a quick look at the proper HCG diet protocol and how you can get the top results from the 500-calorie diet.

You Must Be Ready to Commit

If you want to get the greatest results then you must adhere to the strict diet plan as closely as you can. Avoid straying from the eating regimen at all costs or you could end up not seeing any results at all. The entire diet plan for the HCG diet consists of cutting your calorie intake all the way down to 500 calories. You are restricted from eating certain things and you have to make sure you take the prescribed HCG injections. The injections are what help your body continue to function correctly while eating a diet that is at such a deficit. So one cannot work without the other. Which is why it is so important that you follow the HCG protocol precisely as it is.

What is the HCG Protocol?


Now that you know how important it is to follow the protocol the next step is understanding what the actual HCG diet protocol is. Following the original diet plan of HCG diet creator, Dr. Simeons you are to take a daily injection for 40 days. If you are a woman on your menstrual cycle the injections should stop until you’ve finished your cycle. After the 3rd injection you will start the low calorie diet part of the HCG protocol. Women on their menstrual cycle should not take injections during this time but should continue the diet aspect of it. For an in-depth look at what is and isn’t allowed while on the HCG diet you can visit

There is one thing that many people forget when following the HCG protocol. Which is that women and men should monitor the products that they use for hygiene and beauty. Many of them are made up of animal fats, which work against you on the HCG diet. So help yourself out and use natural products while on the diet. Before you know it you’ll be looking a slimmer you.



Jun 18

The Relationship Between Your Metabolism And Your Weight

Metabolism is the process in which the body converts foods into energy and is linked with body weight. The process usually burns down the calories are combined with oxygen to produce the energy to the body which is useful even when at rest. Metabolism actually accounts for a large percentage of calories burned in the body. The Relationship between your weight and metabolism is however dependent on the rate at which it takes place and the amount of calories that is consumed.
Types of Metabolism:

There are basically two types of metabolism, the resting metabolism and the exercising metabolism. The resting metabolism will occur even when at rest and this is aimed at providing the body with energy to perform activities like breathing and other internal organs working properly. This burns down just sufficient calories for that function. Exercising metabolism usually vary depending on the intensity of the activities you are involved in and usually burn down more calories to provide energy to compensate for the bodies activities that uses up most of the energy.

Excess consumption of calorific foods and with a normal metabolic rate that is regulated to the body’s rate means that there is a likelihood of gaining weight. This is because the rate at which the calories are burn in the body is slow and therefore much of it still accumulates in the body. This will result to an increased body mass and thus the weight.

Important Aspects of Metabolism:
Metabolism rate if increased can actually work to reduce the body weight as this will burn down the excess calories in the body. After an exercise for instance, will increase the rate of metabolism to supply the body with energy especially to the muscles where there may have been strains and that is the reason why exercising regularly will help burn down the excess in the body and subsequently reduce the body weight.

As you age the rate of metabolism decreases gradually reduces especially when you do not participate in physical activities. This is actually the reason as to why at some point in the adult life stage it usually occurs that you add much weight whenever you do not exercise the body. The more you grow for that matter, the more you should engage in exercise to increase the metabolic rate and reduce weight.
Overweight individuals have a relatively higher metabolic rate. This is from scientific research findings and the reason is because their body mass is bigger and requires more energy to keep the body functioning properly. However, this does not reduce their weight directly. This means that their resting metabolism burn down calories more than that of a less weight person but because of the intake of more calories it may accumulate further despite the burning. Essentially, this means that to reduce the weight the metabolism rate has to be increased by exercise or diet.
The Relationship between your Metabolism and Your Weight therefore is dependent on the calorie intake and exercise which determines whether you will gain or lose weight. Less calories and more exercise will reduce your weight.

Feb 20

The Effect Of Medication On Your Health

Medication that mainly constitutes pharmaceutical drugs is used in health care. However, the effect of medication on your health may be beneficial or risky. The risk mainly refers to the chances that an unexpected or unwanted occurrence will happen, while the benefit involves the effectiveness and getting positive results with the use of medicine. Most if not all drugs do have side effects due to the composition of the drugs and that is the reason as to why bodies may react differently to drugs.

The Benefits:

The benefits of drugs include their primary role ability to improve health and well-being. This includes treating the body for ailments, curing infections or relieving pain. The health condition can be deteriorated and poor when a person is sick or hurt. The body has its own preventive mechanisms that can handle certain conditions but the drugs are used to assist the body in regaining good health. The substances in medicinal drugs are aimed at fighting disease causing organisms safely by either destroying them or flushing them out altogether.

Medication services can also be used for preventive measures against diseases that may bring poor health conditions. The preventive function of some drugs is very helpful as some ailments and diseases have life threatening impacts. This kind of medication is commonly referred to as vaccination. It equips the body with the necessary elements that will fight any disease causing organisms and render the body immune to diseases thus maintaining a good health.
Through medication, there can be early detection of medical conditions that may be developing in the body. Regular checkups and testing of the body enables the physicians to detect any symptoms and signs of any diseases or condition in the body. This will facilitate for early treatment or preventive measures. It is advised that for a proper health, there should be regular visits to a physician for early detection or for good health clearance.
Medication however has some negative effects on the body. Some of these effects include the side effects of the drugs. The body reacts differently to any foreign elements that may be contained in a drug. Usually, the prescriptions of the drugs and directions will indicate any side effects that may be physical or biological in some cases. There could be side effects that lead to vomiting, headaches, dry mouth, and drowsiness among others. However, some drugs have more severe side effects that may include loss of hair and damage to body organs.

There has been over reliance on drugs lately for almost any ailments. The availability of medical services has reduced the level in which people are watching over their health. The ability of medication to handle most of the health cases has reduced the caution that people take and this gives room to neglecting healthy activities and involving in unhealthy practices like alcohol abuse.
The issue of medication and health relies on the interaction of the body and the drugs. Over-dependence on drugs may lower the body’s immunity which is risky to the body’s health. Use of several drugs can cause reactions in the body that may be dangerous to the health.

Sep 12

Should I Trust Anyone’s Weight Loss System


If the question presented is should I trust anyone’s weight loss system then my answer would be firm and specific, NO! The reason why you should never impose someone else weight loss program to your own body is simply due to the uniqueness of each case of weight gain and therefore will call for a unique approach for the solution. There is no basis for relying on a given system just because it has worked for a friend or someone else you know, you are distinctly different and the causes for overweight for the two of you could be as well similar or very far different from each other and unrelated.
What you must know:

For this purpose, knowing the specific program that will work for you requires going to the base of the problem. What exactly causes your unnecessary weight gain is the question every person must answer before looking for the options that can be implemented for their weight reduction. Understanding some of the common causes of weight gain is thus the first step in picking the right mechanism for your slimming program and here are the three top causes of weight gain.


Lifestyle has been cited as the leading cause of weight gain. Once you assess how you live and go about your activities you will definitely have a reason to rule out this factor or include it. What foods do you eat for most of the occasions and how regularly do you have any intense physical exercise that can ignite you to sweat? Unnecessary weight gain is closely related to very low exercise, a factor which causes food reserves inform of fats to stay idle and continue accumulating. So if you are not having any regular exercise while your colleague partakes on daily physical exercise then the root cause of your weight gain problems are distinctly different.
Hormonal imbalance is one other factor that causes weight gain. The body performs different operations depending on the instructions relayed to its systems by various nerves, most of which are affected by the hormone levels. In the event that the body reads different signals guiding it to store more food in the body reserves in anticipation of possible starvation, this process will go on unabated even in the case that there is no cause for alarm. So for two different persons with similar lifestyles, hormonal imbalance may be the cause for unhealthy weight gain of which unless unearthed does not call for the same approach in rectification.
Dieting is one other factor that is both similar and distinct to lifestyle. For persons who do not have any regular exercise but eat more of junk food then lifestyle and dieting are one and the same thing which is also a possible cause for weight gain. However, for people who choose to strictly limit the food intake without any valid medical backing then they are on the path to weight gain as the body rushes to preserve the minimal available.
Once all the causes of unnecessary weight gain have been evaluated for two distinct persons and their bases found to be the same then the answer for the question should I trust anyone’s weight loss system will definitely have to shift from the initial NO to a near YES, but this must be the decision of a certified medical practitioner.

Mar 2

The Relationship between Water and your Health

The relationship between water and health is definite and the benefits are wide known. It is important to note that water constitutes the body on a large percentage. Most of the foods that are taken usually contain water. Water therefore is essential for the body and should be taken regularly. The quantity and the quality of water that is taken should be adequately considered. The body needs plenty of clean water and for that matter water taking should be not just part of a diet but a healthy habit as well. Some healthy diets have water as a component or an ingredient in food making.

The cooling effect of water is useful especially in hot weather or after engaging in an exercise. The body temperature rises in the event of exercising and for that it will need a cooling effect. Water is an example of a natural liquid that can perfectly perform the task. The water temperature can be regulated to achieve a cooler temperature and this will be helpful in cooling the body. It is an important exercising necessity and as it is, a healthy body requires that physical exercise.


Water is useful to the bodily functions including carrying nutrients to the cells. Blood is made up of about 90% water composition and it is the water elements that facilitate for the transportation of the nutrients from digested food to the cells. This is useful to the body’s growth and development.

Health Solutions:

It is through water that the body gets rid of some of the toxins and waste materials from the body through processes like sweating and urinating. This is important to the body and detoxifies the body to prevent it from diseases and infections that are harmful to the health conditions.

After intensive physical activity or when a person is sick the bodies get dehydrated. Water plays the useful role of hydrating the body. Sick people may vomit or diarrhea and in this case they get to lose plenty of water from their bodies. In exercising, there is much sweating which also dehydrates the body. To regain the water that has been lost, drinking water will be very useful as the body requires to be hydrated all day long to perform its functions properly.

Water is used a body lubricant as it lubricates the cushion joints. This has a great biological significance and facilitates for the movement of the body with ease. With well moving joints then it is easy to exercise and carry out any activities that may be associated with good health.


There are physical aspects that demonstrate the relationship between water and health and that is the fact that some physical exercises like swimming primarily makes use of water. Swimming is an effective form of exercise that is common. The activities involved are used to maintain a physically fit body and burn down calories from the body. It is also fun and very popular in the hot weather as it cools the body as well.